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Role Of Israel & Soros Exposed By MH370 Twin Jet In Tel Aviv

By Yoichi Shimatsu

BANGKOK - It is by no mere coincidence, when telltale evidence of a Mossad role in the MH370 hijack was starting to snowball, that Israel's embassies and consulates were suddenly shut down due to a "strike by diplomatic staff". This fork-tongued alibi was obviously meant to prevent law enforcement agencies across Asia and the Western world from questioning Israeli intelligence agents and military attaches about the whereabouts and fate of the hundreds of passengers.

The Jewish state's diplomatic corps has retreated further into a tortoise shell, perhaps because of the hammer blow from investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn, who previously exposed Israel's hand behind the 911 attacks. Based on eyewitness reports from a network of plane watchers in Europe and in Israel, Bollyn reports that an identical production model of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 is being kept out of regular service inside a hangar at Tel Aviv Airport.

Seattle-based Boeing assembles aircraft in pairs as its standard practice, but the question is how one jet was leased by Malaysia's national carrier while the matching plane was secretly turned over to the Israeli government without a purchase order from state-run El Al airlines.

Bollyn uncovered the fact that the two jets were delivered to a third-party company, whose top manager has a longtime connection with the George Soros. From the timeline of events, it is obvious that the plane transfers and subsequent electronic hijacking were part of a larger strategy, which was aimed at:

first, a planned alse-flag attack involving mass murder of American citizens to be blamed on the two Iranians aboard MH370, in order to prompt the White House to order air strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities and air defenses; and

second, the blatant theft of key technology related to Freehold Semiconductor's Kinesis microchip, the world's tiniest microcontroller, for use in miniature weapons systems that will ensure Israeli military supremacy for decades to come.

Bait and Swtich

Why do the Israeli false flaggers need to hijack the Malaysian sister-plane, when just one plane will suffice for the ruse? The mint-condition jet in Tel Aviv would be refitted with Stealth cloaking, state-of-air avionics (aviation electronics, DU-tipped munitions and high-temperature explosives, but fake evidence of Malaysian origins are needed to complete the ruse. Therefore, identifying metal tags and other identifying parts have to be removed from MH370, along with seat covers, crew uniforms and the bodies of the two Iranians, to be frozen in a morgue. The deception would, be complete with the transfer of the stripped Malaysian jet to El Al.

The cover story for TIME and the New York Times would fly as easily as a captured jetliner, running something like "The Iranian hijackers overcame the crew and flew the jet into a military airfield in Iran. Then the Revolutionary Guards loaded the plane with gasoline drums for a suicide mission against innocent civilians and our congressmen in Washington DC. We mourn the loss of the Capitol and the White House in the intense blaze that destroyed half of our beloved capital, but we face the future with courage and will deliver justice against that terrorist state. The last of the Axis of Evil will share the fate of its erstwhile partners. Now, from the Superdome, let's hear Lady Gaga sing the Star-Spangled Banner." Those are fighting words that can snap average Americans out of their antiwar malaise. Yes, propaganda is made for consumption by fools.

Going Boeing: We Know Why We're Here

Boeing's motto is precision perfect when it comes to MH370. No other aircraft manufacturer (think of McDonnel Douglas, for example, or long-gone Hughes) is closer to the US intelligence services. More than a business corporation, Boeing is a state unto itself, with a vast network of facilities around Seattle and at every major airport around the globe. Less visible are its connections with obscure airlines operating in remote islands, where it is routine to find amputated limbs of human-sacrifice victims floating into Puget Sound. The company provides for all of its powerful customers needs, desires and wildest fantasies, as expressed in its older slogan: Forever New Frontiers.

One of those frontiers is remote piloting of civilian aircraft, based on drone warfare technology, which Boeing developed from prototypes designed in Israel. The pair of 777s for Malaysia and Israel are new editions, and therefore rigged to fly by wireless.

Boeing delivered the twin jets to a middleman in October 2013, who delivered one to Malaysian Airlines in November. The timing coincides with the appointment of Joanne Magruire, a veteran Lockheed Martin Space Division executive, to the board of directors of Freescale Semiconductors, whose Kuala Lumpur staffers involved in the design of the Kinesis KL02 microchip were aboard MH370. The plan went like clockwork.

Who is Abdol Moabery?

The twin Boeing jets were sold to GA Telesis, an aircraft leasing and servicing company, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The owner of GAT is Abdol Moabery, the son of Iranian immigrants in the posh Woodlawn Hills suburb of Los Angeles.

Before and after September 2001, Moabery was executive manager of Skywatch, a company that supplied monitoring devices for the rooftops of office towers. The electronic device can spot as many as 300 flying objects in one sweep and single out the one flying toward the targeted property. Handy indeed to welcome your boss on the helipad in Manhattan and also to direct his pilot toward the right building.

One of the partners in Skywatch was New York City Mayor Rudolf Guiliani, who claimed his interest was solely in its potential application to monitor US borders against illegal immigrants. One immigrant who slipped past the Skywatch net was Mohamad Atta. Despite or perhaps because of Skywatch, the two jetliners flew into the Towers like Robin Hood's arrows.

Six months after 911, Moabery left Skywatch to start up GA Telesis in Florida, a state then governed by fellow Republican Jeb Bush and where 911 suspects had extensive flight training.

Prior his term at Skywatch, Moabery served in the US Navy and then worked in executive positions for two Soros-owned aviation companies, Aviation Systems International and C-S Aviation. C-S stands for Chatterjee-Soros. Purnenda Chatterjee is a former Stanford Research Institute and McKinsey partner, whose Chatterjee Group funneled investment funds into West Bengal on behalf of his mentor Soros. In 2011, investors in North Carolina filed charges against Soros and his protege for fraud and embezzlement, an won the initial case by arguing that Soros concealed his ownership of the bankrupt company. Soros is not the Midas he pretends to be, often escaping out the back door leaving behind angry investors.

Moabery takes an interest in homeless children as founder of the charity called Kids in Distress.

Lord of the Skies and Depths

The Boeing corporate vice-president for Southeast Asia is Ralph "Skip" Boyce, the former US ambassador to Jakarta and Bangkok. The prize job came as reward for his past services to Boeing, black operations and the pedophile network. After his retirement from government service, Skip didn't break his stride:

-Boyce had just sold dozens of Boeing civilian aircraft to a new airline controlled by the Indonesian military just before the "accidental" crash of a demonstration model of a lower-cost Sukhoi Super 100 passenger plane for inexplicable reasons into a mountain after takeoff from the joint U.S.-Indonesian Halim Air Force Base.

Some background on the business-savvy man from Boeing:

- Boyce was on duty during the Bali bombing. Then editor of Jakarta Post Robert Finnegan, a retired Marine and founder of the 5th Estate news site, found evidence of high explosives and nuclear materials at the bomb site, which pointed to a US intelligence role in the killing of Australians undercover agents and Indonesian civilians. The ambassador in response arranged his removal from his editorship.

- Ambassador "Boyz" was the de facto dean of American envoys in Southeast Asia when anti-pedophile activist Sean Parlaman jumped off his apartment balcony in Pattaya, Thailand, according to local police on the pedophile payroll. His protection of high-ranking pedophiles in the State Department and Congress coincided with the discovery of the skeletons of 500 Indonesian boys inside a cave in Bali and intimidation of a Cambodian orphanage as a recruiting ground for sex slaves whose average age was 10 years old.

Boeing is certainly out there on the frontiers.

Dolphins at Diego Garcia

Instead of flying to Iran immediately, MH370 presumably landed at the gateway to the Persian Gulf, Diego Garcia, the presumption being based on eyewitness accounts in nearly Maldives of a low-flying plane on descent toward that destination.

On the surface and from satellite images, Diego Garcia seems a barren atoll. That's because most of the US Navy and Air Force bases are underground inside vast bunkers installed a decade ago. The island, part of the British-owned Chagos archipelago south of India, later made headlines as the storage site for hundreds of bunker-buster JDAM bombs for a joint Israel-US airstrike against Iran's nuclear facilities and air defenses.

The Israeli military and intelligence presence on Diego Garcia is so massive that long-distance phone operators offer a special discount card for calls to Israel. The Israeli Navy's nuclear-missile capable Dolphin submarines refuel and are serviced at Diego Garcia, saving the time and expense of going to Elat on the Red Sea.

An IDF Dolphin sub from Diego Garcia sank the South Korean frigate Choenan. The Dolphin crew, panicked by the unscheduled voyage, fired a smart torpedo at the frigate. On the following two days, South Korean naval divers rescued several Caucasians, including two drowning victims, from a sunken submarine. That Dolphin submarine, based at an underwater base south of Inchon, was later replaced with an IDF order for a new sub from HDW Germany. Cannon fire from the Choenan's sister ship had hit the Dolphin after it sank the Choenan, following delivered nuclear-weapons material to the North Korean military.

Israel is neck-deep in intrigue across Asia, including nuclear deals with North Korea and Japan. As mentioned earlier in this series on MH370, Israeli-linked agents including Google and Facebook have monitored email servers across Southeast Asia and hacked into computers of Palestinian supporters.

The role of Israeli intelligence assets inside Muslim-dominated Malaysia is a long-running issue that involves strings of stay-behind agents left by the British colonial authority. These underground networks are descended from two strands of Jewish administrators and merchants in colonial Malaya. First are those who have origins in the Ottoman empire and migrated under Britain's favorable policy toward the Donmeh Jews (hidden Jews inside the Islamic community across the Arab realm, Turkey and Iran) during the Ataturk period. Second are Baghdadi Jews involved in the opium trade. More recent recruits are ordinary bureaucrats and military officers who are in need of a handful of shekels to pay their gambling debts.

The spotting of increasing amounts of flotsam and jetsam off the Australian coast are meant to throw public attention off track. In actual flotation situations, there would be less debris with each passing day, as seats become waterlogged and life jackets deflate. Obviously, submarines from Diego Garcia are jettisoning pieces of aircraft through their missile hatches with blasts of compressed air. Bodies can be frozen in morgues with life jackets to be partially opened before dispatching them out the torpedo tubes.

Soros Gets More Than a Pound

The Malaysian jetliner, and its hidden sibling in Tel Aviv, are the instruments that should have guaranteed Zionist supremacy over the global economic and political order throughout this century. Instead, their grandiose design is collapsing under its own fabrications and delusions, as Israeli envoys scurry into the shadows like rats under spotlights. The FBI and Interpol have a monumental task ahead. Crush Israeli terrorist apparatus and hunt down their cells until world civilization is safe again.

"Thieves, murderers and liars" are mere words that can hardly describe the crafty criminality of the Israeli spy chiefs. But what about their paymaster, what does Soros get out of the deal? For one thing, the Mossad turns over the Kinesis microchip technology as thanks for his patriotism. Chips aside, what Soros really, really wants is the satisfaction of payback against Malaysia. Few things are more important than money, and that short list includes revenge.

The Hungarian Jew tycoon, who bought US citizenship after defrauding the Bank of England, has a die-hard grudge against Malaysia. During his cunning attempt to wreck the currencies of Southeast Asian, with the hidden agenda of buying assets and property on the cheap, Soros was slammed down by Malaysia's then Prime Minister Muhammad Mahathir, who imposed a currency board to stop capital flight. That was back in 2008. (The Zionist-influenced Western media and Wall Street bankers quickly denounced Mahathir as "anti-semitic", forgetting out of their dismal cultural ignorance that an Asian Muslim cannot be such since fellow believers across the Arab world are more Semitic than European Jews.)

If revenge is a dish best served cold, Soros has ice in his veins and waited till his dying days to gouge out a pound of flesh from Malaysia's body politick.

At the risk of sounding as soft as Lady Portia with her aristocratic Venetian accent, let me suggest that the world community is to be governed with compassion for the poor and genuine democracy, and not by a top-down global order imposed with violence and greed from a self-appointed religious minority. So as the noose tightens on that little rogue state that would be king of our planet, let us mourn the victims of Flight 370 as much as we grieved over those who died inside the World Trade Center. Such bloodthirsty evil should never be allowed to strike again.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor with the Japan Times group in Tokyo, is a Hong Kong-based science writer.

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Malaysian Airlines MH370 A dirty Secret and Conspiracy facts

## Another puzzle but can be link together with previous posting ##

Flight MH370 did it land at a secret CIA Base at U-Tapao, Thailand? the lies of the US Governments and cover up.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished when its flight transponder was manually turned of at 1.30am in the early hours of Saturday the 8th of April north of Thailand in aviation no mans land between Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

I will not claim I have all the answers but I will put forward a likely scenario which has been very clear to me from day one due to my location, local knowledge and investigative nature following the planes disappearance and clocking up over 70 hours of research following the hunt for the missing plane and seeing through the Tsunami of Disinformation which was all released from US sources.

My theory is this and its the most plausible one on the table right now.

I believe that flight MH737 had its identity switched with a USAF Cargo plane and simply landed one hour later at the nearby CIA Secret Interrogation facility at U-Tapao Airport Thailand between Pattaya and the Cambodian border. American forces built U-Tapao during the Vietnam War era for bombing raids by B-52’s. Although it is classed as a International airport due to its long runway the reality is very different with all sorts of secret US missions including NASA high altitude research station and suspect Terrorists arriving for interrogation .It has also been accused by the Thai Opposition as a cover for spying into Neighboring countries through it secretive NASA High altitude Weather program.

It is said that U-Tapao handles 30 USAF Flights a month mostly military planes arriving at night from places such as Diego Garcia the US base in the Indian Ocean. These planes regulary land late at night in a then deserted Airport. The last domestic flight by Bangkok airways Departs at 5.20pm after that becomes a very dark and secretive US operation.

U-Tapao does get the odd Russian charter flight occasionally in similar livery to MAS colors so a plane landing at night would get little attention from the skeleton crew of local Thai maintenance workers and fishermen who fish just off the runway. It’s interesting to note that U-Tapao has a runway straight off the ocean directly opposite 60-90mins to the north of the planes last confirmed location.

The passage below is from the New York Times article about secret US activities at this base a passage of which you can red below.

One such place in Thailand is Utapao Air Base, 90 miles south of Bangkok. During the Vietnam War, Utapao was humming 24 hours a day as a base for B-52′s carrying out bombing raids over North Vietnam. Despite Thailand’s studied neutrality on the war in Iraq — one Thai foreign affairs official said during the war that the country had no position — Mr. Thaksin allowed Utapao to be used by American warplanes flying into combat in Iraq, as he had earlier, during the war in Afghanistan.

Utapao is also probably where Qaeda operatives have been interrogated, retired American intelligence officials said, explaining that the base had facilities for sophisticated interrogations.

Last year, according to other American officials, at least two senior Qaeda operatives were brought here for interrogation — Abu Zubaydah, thought to have been Al Qaeda’s operations chief, and Ramzi bin al- Shibh, a planner of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Both men were captured last year in Pakistan, and they may have been brought to Thailand as part of a broader C.I.A. program to take captives to ”undisclosed locations.” They have since been moved. It is not known how many other Qaeda suspects have been interrogated here, or if any are still here. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/08/world/threats-responses-southeast-asia-thailand-tiptoes-step-with-american-antiterror.html

Now the question is why would the US want to hijack a civilian Airplane and land at its CIA Interrogation facility?.

The clue maybe lie in the twenty ethnic Chinese passengers belonging to the defense firm Freescale which has links to both China and the US and the manufacturer of micro processors and chips that power and control the Military might of China and Russians war capabilities. Especially drones and Missiles systems with war likely with Russia and increased tensions with China this theory should hold some weight.

A late night chat with Mike a Senior US Military official shed a light on the importance of such technology. I think Mike has got it wrong its not China that has the plane I think it’s Mikes own Bosses. Here’s the link an interesting insight into a possible motive.


At this point we really do not know if Freescale has just lost its entire R&D department and that they are currently with the CIA interrogation team at U-Tapao divulging Chinese and possibly Russian Military secrets. With the build up of 80,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and the planned US war games of Operation Rapid Trident in Ukraine this summer you have to wonder if this is not a guise for war with Russia/China.. I cannot help but think at least twenty of the missing passengers are with the CIA at U-Tapao divulging the state secrets of China and Russia. Desperate times lead to desperate measures?

So how can a plane vanish from radar and fly for one hour through Thai Airspace before landing at the US’s secret facility at U-Tapao?

The answer is very simple in reality. When the plane left Malaysian Air traffic control the transponder was turned off and the plane flew into an area where it was joined by a USAF Stealth plane of some description, which at the time was broadcasting a USAF cargo plane call sign. The two identities were switched with the help of at least one nearby USAF E-3 airborne warning and control system (AWACS) plane which jammed local radar and created the smoke screen for the switch of the two planes identities. To be possible there have been unconfirmed reports of two such planes flying in the area at the time.

This stealth plane then flew west over Malaysian Airlines occasionally transmitting a MH370 signal to confuse local Malaysian Military and air traffic control and radar facilities on to the Malacca straights and went back to stealth for its onward flight to the USAF base at Diego Garcia.

I have no doubts that either by high tech means Fly-by-wire ( FBW) or low-tech manual hijacking or even simply bribing one or two of the Pilots the CIA have the ability to hijack the plane and land it undected.

Once flight MH370 had switched identities to a USAF Cargo plane it flew unnoticed into Thai airspace and landed one hour later at U-Tapao and was quickly put into one of the many hangers. I doubt the plane will be still there.

Its interesting to note that a report in the respected China Times newspaper reported a source from the US Embassy Beijing that the US base at U-Tapao had picked up a SOS mayday call from the MH370 at 2.43am requesting immediate landing permission as it was in major difficulties. Since then this report has been cleansed from Global Media reports and the US have failed to confirm or deny the report. I believe this was a leak of a prepared report that was to cover themselves in the possibility of a crash on arrival at U-Tapao.

U-Tapao has long been know by locals for the secretive goings on of US Military personnel the following is from a local internet forum which describes a chance meeting with such characters with forum member BobR

“I live 2 miles from Utapao and have run into people in military green who act like they do not want to be seen. Twice in the nearby 7-11 they acted strange, refused to make eye contact and appeared unhappy to be recognized as Americans, they jumped into a VW Van with Bangkok plates and others and left quickly. Yes, something is going on there and has been for a while.

It’s difficult to describe this, but I left those encounters with the feeling something strange was happening.

No seriously, I don’t make stuff up like this; their behavior was really bizarre. When I run into the American Navy people here during the joint Thai/American exercises they usually are very friendly, outgoing and surprised to see an American in a Thai teachers uniform and want information on the best places to go and how to get there. I’ve even driven some of them to Pattaya over the past few years. But these guys were completely different. I probably should not have mentioned this at all, but the behavior was so strange It’s difficult to forget.


Which leads me onto the US manufactured Tsunami of Disinformation designed to distract and mislead investigators searching for the planes where a bouts.

I followed the search very loosely and so far have logged 75 hours. The Initial search was based on the flight path of MH370 heading over the gulf to Vietnam. An early report the plane had turned sharp to the west over the Malacca Straights was investigated with little success. The trail was dead. Then an eyewitness on an Oilrig off the east coast of Vietnams Ngoc Hien of Ca Mau Island reported of a flaming plane in the sky. A New Zealand oil worker sent an email claiming he saw the jet and the same time heading north resulted in search efforts been directed there. Closer examination of the email by Vietnamese Officials showed skepticism for the Identity of the Oil worker and for the report, which was suspiciously filed 3 days after the plane, went missing.

The next morning the worlds media with ABC and the BBC leading were reporting it was a fact due to ABC news running a story of a telephone conversation interview with the Oil workers Canadian Boss who under closer examination looks to also to be another fake identity. The oilrig has links to Chevron amongst other companies.

Just when the news about the fake identities was getting uncovered US officials broke the news that the plane had in fact travelled a further 4-5 hours due to data collected from the Planes Rolls Royce engines. The search then switched from the planes original flight path back to the west and the huge area that is the Indian Ocean.

Rolls Royce have now released a statement saying the US Governments is lying and that there was no further data from the engines. The whole Indian/Ocean/Andaman search was based on this false information from Unnamed US Officials.

There was further disinformation with unconfirmed reports of a crashed plane on China controlled Coco Island, US satellite data and even contact off the west coast of Australia.

Now we here stories of Tajikistan and west China. Hints at Iran’s possible need for human shields and the bullshit idea of a stripped out 777 that has the ability to fly a nuclear bomb to the US mainland. India has also came out and said it would be impossible for this plane to fly over its Air space unnoticed.

Since then we hear the US making claims of Iranian Terror suspects who were travelling on false passports but turned out to be skinny Teenage refugees. The similarity to the Dagestan Boston Marathon Bombers who were murdered by US police is quite striking.

I would suggest the search for the missing planes rewinds back to the moment the planes transmitter was turned off and look at the whole mystery again and pressurize Thai and US military to release details of USAF flights to and from U-Tapao from the 8-10th

If the US find the plane badly broken up with no Passengers or working Black box in the general area of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean it will be of no surprise to this researcher.

The above story might be difficult to believe for most people but it would explain passengers SIM cards working and every other piece of misinformation, which has been fed to the world about what really happened and to cover the truth and US involvement.

So I ask you before we roll out the Bombers and blame Iran please rewind to U-Tapao and start asking questions. Its is clear the US has misled the search for the plane and my theory would explain why. Questions need to be asked and made public regarding the identity of the 5 passengers who checked in and didn’t make the flight.

The author of this article has been the victim of online censuring for the last week where his Facebook, YouTube and email accounts have been censured that restricted him reaching out to with info about U-Tapao which has only galvanized his belief that something very similar to what has been explained above actually took place.

The Facebook page Flight MH370 the dirty hidden truth & conspiracy facts registered 115 like on its first day then after heavy censorship from unknown forces six then next day.


Jim Stone and Alex Jones please get in touch when you read this as I have sent numerous emails without reply. I assume our mail is censured.

Peace x 


FTM 2014

Malaysia Airlines Mystery Deepens After Top Disease Experts Rushed To Indian Ocean

A grim report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is stating today that within 24-hours of this aircrafts “diversion” to the highly secretive Indian Ocean US military base located on the Diego Garcia atoll, no less than four flights, within the past week, containing top American and Chinese disease scientists and experts have, likewise, been flown to there.

According to this report, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (also marketed as China Southern Airlines flight 748 through a codeshare) was a scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China, when on 8 March this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft “disappeared” in flight with 227 passengers on board from 15 countries, most of whom were Chinese, and 12 crew members.

As we had previously noted in our report “Russia “Puzzled” Over Malaysia Airlines “Capture” By US Navy,” the GRU had previously notified China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) of its suspicions regarding this flight due its containing a “highly suspicious” cargo that had been offloaded in the Republic of Seychelles from the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk Alabama.

First arousing the GRU’s concerns regarding this “highly suspicious” cargo, this report continues, was that after its unloading from the MV Maersk Alabama on 17 February, its then transfer to Seychelles International Airport where it was loaded on an Emirates flight bound for Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, after first stopping over in Dubai, the two highly trained US Navy SEALS who were guarding it were found dead.

The two US Navy SEALS protecting this “highly suspicious” cargo, Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under “suspicious circumstances” aboard the MV Maersk Alabama, this report says, further raising Russian intelligence suspicions as they were both employed by the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group which was founded by US Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEAL’s) and Senior US Naval Surface Warfare Officers and has long been known by the GRU to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world.

Upon Flight 370’s departure from Malaysia on 8 March, this report continues, the GRU was notified by the MSS that they were going to divert it from its scheduled destination of Beijing to Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) located in Hainan Province (aka Hainan Island). 

Prior to this planes entering into People Liberation Army (PLA) protected zones of the South China Sea known as the Spratly Islands, however, this report continues, Flight 370 “significantly deviated” from its flight course and was tracked by VKO satellites and radar flying into the Indian Ocean region and completing its nearly 3,447 kilometer (2,142 miles) flight to Diego Garcia.

In a confirmation of the GRU’s assertion that Flight 370 was, indeed, flown to Diego Garcia, this report says, satellite transmission data analyzed by US investigators showed that this planes most likely last-known position was in a zone about 1,609 kilometers (1,000 miles) west of Perth, Australia in the Indian Ocean..
Most troubling to the GRU about Flight 370’s “diversion” to Diego Garcia, this report says, was that it was “nearly immediately” followed by some of the top disease scientists and experts from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDCP) embarking to Diego Garcia on at least four flights. 

As to why both American and Chinese disease experts were taken to Diego Garcia where Flight 370 is now known to be, this report says, has as yet not been answered by either of these governments after repeated Foreign Ministry requests for “explanations and clarification.”

What is to be known, this report says, is that as Malaysia has been forced to admit Flight 370 was, indeed, “diverted” from its flight path as the GRU had previously reported, and as at least 25 nations are now involved in searching for it, it remains a mystery as to what is actually occurring. 

Also known, this report concludes, is that Diego Garcia as a designated ETOPS emergency landing site for flight planning purposes of commercial airliners transversing the Indian Ocean, and as one of 33 emergency landing sites worldwide for the NASA Space Shuttle, it is “inconceivable” that any type of aircraft, let alone Flight 370, can fly anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere without being tracked, monitored and recorded in totality. 

Sabtu, 15 Mac 2014

Russia “Puzzled” Over Malaysia Airlines “Capture” By US Navy

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) states that Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) experts remain “puzzled” as to why the United States Navy captured and then diverted a Malaysia Airlines civilian aircraft from its intended flight-path to their vast and highly-secretive Indian Ocean base located on the Diego Garcia atoll.

According to this report, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (also marketed as China Southern Airlines flight 748 through a codeshare) was a scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China, when on 8 March this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft “disappeared” in flight with 227 passengers on board from 15 countries, most of whom were Chinese, and 12 crew members. 

Interesting to note, this report says, was that Flight 370 was already under GRU “surveillance” after it received a “highly suspicious” cargo load that had been traced to the Indian Ocean nation Republic of Seychelles, and where it had previously been aboard the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk Alabama.

What first aroused GRU suspicions regarding the MV Maersk Alabama, this report continues, was that within 24-hours of off-loading this “highly suspicious” cargo load bound for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the two highly-trained US Navy Seals assigned to protect it, Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under “suspicious circumstances.”

Both Kennedy and Reynolds, this report says, were employed by the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group which was founded by US Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEAL’s) and Senior US Naval Surface Warfare Officers and has long been known by the GRU to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world. 

Upon GRU “assests” confirming that this “highly suspicious” cargo was aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on 8 March, this report notes, Moscow notified China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) of their concerns and received “assurances” that “all measures” would be taken as to ascertain what was being kept so hidden when this aircraft entered into their airspace. 

However, this report says, and as yet for still unknown reasons, the MSS was preparing to divert Flight 370 from its scheduled destination of Beijing to Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) located in Hainan Province (aka Hainan Island).

Prior to entering the People Liberation Army (PLA) protected zones of the South China Sea known as the Spratly Islands, this report continues, Flight 370 “significantly deviated” from its flight course and was tracked by VKO satellites and radar flying into the Indian Ocean region and completing its nearly 3,447 kilometer (2,142 miles) flight to Diego Garcia. 

Critical to note about Flight 370’s flight deviation, GRU experts in this report say, was that it occurred during the same time period that all of the Spratly Island mobile phone communications operated by China Mobile were being jammed. 

China Mobile, it should be noted, extended phone coverage in the Spratly Islands in 2011 so that PLA soldiers stationed on the islands, fishermen, and merchant vessels within the area would be able to use mobile services, and can also provide assistance during storms and sea rescues.

As to how the US Navy was able to divert Flight 370 to its Diego Garcia base, this report says, appears to have been accomplished remotely as this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft is equipped with a fly-by-wire (FBW) system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface allowing it to be controlled like any drone-type aircraft. 

However, this report notes, though this aircraft can be controlled remotely, the same cannot be said of its communication systems which can only be shut down manually; and in the case of Flight 370, its data reporting system was shut down at 1:07 a.m., followed by its transponder (which transmits location and altitude) which was shut down at 1:21 a.m.

What remains “perplexing” about this incident, GRU analysts in this report say, are why the American mainstream media outlets have yet to demand from the Obama regime the radar plots and satellite images of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea regions as the US military covers this entire area from Diego Garcia like no other seas in the world due to its vital shipping and air lanes. 

Most sadly, this report concludes, the US is actually able to conceal the reason(s) for the “disappearance” of Flight 370 as they have already done so after the events of 11 September 2001 when the then Bush regime “disappeared” American Airlines Flight 77 and its 64 passengers and crew after falsely claiming it hit the Pentagon, but which was confirmed by the CNN News Service [see video HERE] not to have happened. 

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Perang Sungai Manik (8)

Cerita di bawah ini adalah terjemahan dari cerita asal bahasa Banjar bertajuk “Sungai Manik Bamandi Darah”.yang diterjemah ke Bahasa Melayu oleh Utuh Lingkun didalam blog beliau dibawah tajukPerang Sungai Manik.

Diterbitkan semula disini agar pembaca yang belum membacanya di Utuh Lingkun boleh membacanya disini. Ia merupakan satu kisah benar yang perlu diketahui oleh orang2 Melayu/Islam dan dapat dijadikan iktibar.

Peperangan di Balun Bidai melahirkan seorang lagi wira Banjar bernama Mawi, pemilik parang bungkol bergelar si Kajang Rungkup. Kalau berhadapan musuh, dia tidak teragak-agak untuk menerkam (marungkup) dan menyembelih, seperti menyembelih leher lembu. Yang menghairankan, musuh yang sudah kena terkam langsung jadi lemah tak bermaya untuk melawan. Itulah keajaiban parang bungkol si Kajang Rungkup.

Setelah berakhir perang di Balun Bidai, Acil diberi gelaran “Acil Wani” (Acil Berani). Sebut saja nama Acil, seluruh warga Banjar kenal padanya.

Bela (haragu) bukan sebarang bela, bela ada muslihat (sipatan). Warga Cina yang ramai bermastautin disetiap pelosok Kampung Gajah sudah mula mencebik (kulibian) bila bertemu orang Melayu.

“Wahai kaumku, perang sabil saja diolah (dipiulah) oleh orang Melayu yang banyak menjurus kepada perkauman. Mereka merancang untuk menghapuskan bangsa Cina seluruh Tanah Melayu, itulah tujuan sebenarnya. Tergamakkah (purunkah) tuan-tuan membiarkan bangsa sendiri hancur lebur dipijak-pijak (dilincai) orang Melayu? Tentunya kalian tak sanggup. Nah apa lagi yang ditunggu, jom kita bersatu, kita tentang sampai ketitisan darah terakhir!”begitulah bunyinya kempen PKM setiap kali bertemu orang Cina di Kampung Gajah. Mereka yang sudah rasa terhutang budi kerana selama ini dilindungi, dijaga sebaiknya oleh PKM akhirnya bersetuju berjuang demi bangsa dan agama mereka.

Orang Cina tak dapat melihat muslihat disebalik kemanisan kata-kata PKM – memperbodoh (mawalohi) orang Cina untuk kepentingan sendiri dengan melagakan (menyaung) Cina dan Melayu. Betapa tidak, sudah banyak pengganas komunis kecundang di tangan pejuang Banjar.

Orang Cina mula menghimpunkan serba serbi (sarabanya) keperluan – parang besar, parang bengkok, kayu pengandar tempinis seadanya dengan tujuan untuk berperang. Sekiranya terserempak dengan orang Melayu, tak kira kecil atau besar bakal habislah mereka kerjakan.

Pertemuan secara berdepan antara pejuang Sabilullah dengan orang Cina dan pengganas komunis di pinggir Kampung Sungai Galah tak kurang jua sengitnya dibandingkan dengan yang sebelumnya. Lenguh (katuran) tangan warga Banjar kerana terlalu pantas (ancap)mengayun (mailai) parang bungkol. Baju dan seluar basah kuyup (jimus) dengan darah. Mayat musuh bergelimpangan di sana sini, namun jumlah mereka masih belum berkurangan (rawak), malah semakin ramai (manjarau).

“Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar!!!” jerit si Acil tiga kali sebagai isyarat supaya berundur seketika untuk menghilangkan penat dan membuat strategi lain. Melihat pejuang Sabilullah mula berundur, warga Cina riuh mangajuk (mauyati) zikir Lailahailallah.

“Lailahailalit…Malayu kasi habit!!!” mereka merasakan sudah beroleh kemenangan.

Mendengar zikir dipermainkan, Mawi si Kajang Rungkup hilang sabar. Serta merta dia berpatah balik mengejar musuh. Sayang, hajatnya untuk menerkam tak kesampaian. Bertalu-talu peluru Bren Gun komunis hinggap ke badan. Huyung hayang (tajumpipir) Mawi lalu rebah.

“Habislah Mawi!!!” semua warga Banjar yang melihat terasa sedih.

Tak sampai 10 minit berselang, Mawi yang bergolek kesakitan (bapangsar) di atas tanah bingkas bangun.

“Mati aku, mati aku, mati aku!” ujar Mawi yang berlari anak (bukah maanak) balik ke kumpulan, sambil mengibas (bakipuh) membuang peluru yang sudah leper yang melekat (marikit) penuh (papak) seluruh badan. Mawi yang disangka sudah mati rupanya masih (magunai) hidup.

“Bah rasa berbahang (mambarangat) Cil ai…hampir (manggisit) terbakar (mandah) aku abang (kakak) Emoh ai!” ujar Mawi mengadu. Khalifah Acil ketawa terbahak-bahak, tak dapat menahan kelucuan teringat karenah Mawi.

Senyum meleret (lihum bapair) si Emoh sambil mengipas Mawi yang sedang kepanasan, tapi masih lagi boleh bergurau (bahuhulut). Begitulah karenah orang Banjar.

Mawi, kalau belum sampai ajal sememangnya kebal. Bukan sekali dua dia bakipuh begini.

Masa bertugas sebagai Home Guard mengiringi tuan lombong orang Inggeris Changkat Tin, dia pernah diserang hendap oleh Bintang Tiga ketika sedang menaiki Loko (keretapi kecil pengangkut bijih timah). Terpandang tuan orang Inggeris yang sudah mati terkena tembakan, Mawi melepaskan raifel di tangan lalu mengejar komunis dengan parang bungkol. 5 orang pengganas maut (jingkar) ditetak dengan Kajang Rungkup. Entahlah, adakah anak-anaknya yang mewarisi ilmu si bapa!

Hari semakin lewat (landung), para pejuang Sabilullah terpaksa meninggalkan medan perjuangan kerana masa dan ketika untuk berhenti sudah pun tiba. Musuh masih riuh berteriak (karahongan) mengajak berlawan tanda tak puas hati, tapi setelah tak dilayan, mereka pun senyap. Mawi yang masih sakit seluruh badan (ringkutan saawakan) ditandu balik.

Sementara itu, orang Melayu dari Kampung Gajah berduyun-duyun datang menemui Tuan Guru Haji Bakri di surau Changkat Bayas. Tak sampai sepuluh orang yang sempat (sawat)memperoleh selendang merah kerana itu sajalah baki yang ada. Walau bagaimana pun, semuanya diberi minum air perangsang (banyu garangsang) dan diberi amanat – kalau boleh, hapuskan saki baki dan zuriat komunis di Kampung Gajah.

Memang menjadi, tak sia-sia pemberian Tuan Guru. Tak sempat menunggu esok sudah riuh dan gempar orang Melayu menyerang orang Cina di Kampung Gajah. Di mana saja terdapat kediaman mereka, habis dimusnahkan.

Orang Melayu di Kampung Gajah sudah jadi berani setelah menuntut ilmu orang Banjar – angkara Ali Amin yang memperdagangkan ilmu kepada orang Melayu.

Ali Amin…..kerana tak mahu bekerja seperti orang lain, bila tak berduit, ilmu dijualnya. Hampir tercetus pergaduhan dimarahi Acil dan Emoh. Oleh kerana malu, akhirnya dia meninggalkan Balun Bidai, dan terus hilang tanpa berita.

Sudah tiga hari para pejuang Sabilullah merehatkan badan. Esok pagi bakal bermula perjuangan baru – menyerang musuh di pinggir Kampung Sungai Galah. Menurut firasat Tuan Guru Hj Bakri, peperangan esok mungkin yang terakhir. Para pejuang memujuk Mawi supaya jangan turut serta kerana masih belum sihat sepenuhnya. Tapi orang yang keras hati sepertinya tak makan pujuk.

“Napa garang pamburisit banar ah diaku nia tih?” ujarnya mamburangsing.

“Kenapa gerangan, penakut benarkah aku ni?” ujarnya dengan nada marah.

Sepetang suntuk Mawi bersilat memantapkan langkah 12 (seni silat orang Banjar), dengan tujuan untuk menerkam bersungguh-sungguh agaknya. Serba salah (saraba ngalih), kalau ditinggal, mau saja menonong (mangunyur) mengikuti dari belakang (manunti) seorang diri. Selepas dibenarkan (diinggihakan) barulah dia senyap (ranai).

Zikir Lailahaillallah tak berhenti-henti, musuh yang sudah bersedia menanti begitu ramai.

“Fisabilullah Allahuakbar!!!” laung Khalifah Acil sambil berlari di hadapan menghampiri musuh. Kelentungan (kalintingan) senjata berlaga. Orang Cina pun apa kurangnya – bermacam kebolehan dan kemahiran dipamer dalam perjuangan penentuan antara hidup dan mati.

Sedang rancak bertarung, orang Cina terpinga-pinga kerana dengan tiba-tiba kelibat orang Banjar sudah tidak kelihatan. Pengganas komunis yang bijak bersembunyi di merata penjuru mula keluar dari tempat persembunyian untuk mengejar dan mencari pejuang-pejuang Banjar. Hilai ketawa mereka membayangkan seperti sudah mencapai kemenangan.

Namun, kegembiraan mereka cuma sementara. Sungguh tak disangka, tiba-tiba parang bungkol berterbangan sendirian macam air hujan menetak (manimpas), melibas (merawis) dan menikam (manyuduk) hingga tak dapat dielak. Banjir (baah)Kampung Sungai Galah dengan darah. Lintang pukang pengganas komunis lari menghala ke hutan Tambun. Tak boleh ditunggu (kada magan di hadang) lagi kerana lailahailait Cina sudah potong habit.

Bagaimana (dimapang) parang boleh terbang sendiri kalau tak ada kudrat dan iradat yang mengarahkan. Sebenarnya orang Banjar jua yang bersungguh-sungguh (bahimat) menetak(manimpasi), cumanya mereka tidak kelihatan kerana sudah berada di alimul (alam) ghaib.

Keberanian orang Banjar turut menaikkan semangat orang Melayu di merata tempat. Perkampungan Cina di sepanjang Sungai Perak dan Chenderong Balai ranap dibakar dik dendam orang Melayu yang sudah lama menderita ditindas komunis. Selepas itu barulah tentera upahan British bangsa Punjab tiba untuk mengamankan Sungai Manik dan Kampung Gajah.

Sejak itu, tidak ada lagi orang Cina di Kampung Gajah. Saki baki pengganas komunis yang masih hidup lari ke dalam hutan.

Tuan Guru Haji Bakri, 57 tahun kembali ke Rahmatullah di Mekah tanggal 26 September 1950. Jasadnya disemadikan di Perkuburan Ma’ala, Mekah.

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Perang Sungai Manik (7)

Cerita di bawah ini adalah terjemahan dari cerita asal bahasa Banjar bertajuk “Sungai Manik Bamandi Darah”.yang diterjemah ke Bahasa Melayu oleh Utuh Lingkun didalam blog beliau dibawah tajukPerang Sungai Manik.

Diterbitkan semula disini agar pembaca yang belum membacanya di Utuh Lingkun boleh membacanya disini. Ia merupakan satu kisah benar yang perlu diketahui oleh orang2 Melayu/Islam dan dapat dijadikan iktibar.

Sudah genap sebulan perang Sabil di Sungai Manik, tapi masih belum menampakkan tanda akan berakhir. Bertimbun, bergelimpangan mayat komunis namun mereka masih belum serik, malah semakin cekal. Kekuatan mereka bertambah saban hari, entah dari mana datangnya tak pula diketahui.

Dalam pada itu, gerombolan komunis di Seberang Sungai Perak makin mengganas, menyiksa dan membunuh orang Banjar dan Melayu di Kampung Gajah dan Balun Bidai. Orang Cina tidak pula diapa-apakan malah dijaga dengan baik. Begitu agaknya taktik kotor komunis untuk melemahkan semangat pejuang Sabilullah di Sungai Manik.

Tinjau bilang barucau batuhui kada sing rantian basanjaan di higa rumah Patuan Guru Hj. Bakri.

Sepanjang senja, di tepi rumah Tuan Guru Haji Bakri, riuh rendah murai (tinjau) berkicau tanpa henti.

“Kalau berita baik, bawalah kemari, kalau buruk jauhkanlah” begitulah selalunya kata-kata orang tua Banjar bila mendengar kicau murai diwaktu senja. Betapa ada kebenarannya. Selepas solat Isyak malam itu…

“Assalamualaikum!!!” kedengaran suara memberi salam di depan surau. Serentak jemaah menyambut salam. Setelah diamati (dijanaki)…bergegas (badadas) Tuan Guru turun ke tanah lalu memeluk sambil menepuk belakang oramg yang memberi salam.

“Selamat datang adikku” kata-kata aluan Tuan Guru membuat warga Banjar lainnya terpinga-pinga (tarangakan) kerana tak seorang pun yang kenal (pinandu).

Masmuda, adik (ading) Tuan Guru Hj Bakri baru saja tiba dari Batu Pahat. Si Acil terus menerkam datuk saudara (paninian mamarina) yang tidak kurang hebatnya. Ialah, kalau sudah sedarah sedaging, ke mana lagi tumpahnya ilmu.

Perang Sungai Manik sedang rancak, keadaan di Balun Bidai dan Kampung Gajah semakin genting. Saban hari gerombolan komunis mencari pasal.

“Tak boleh dibiarkan, semakin menjadi-jadi benar keganasan mereka” rungut Tuan Guru Hj Bakri bercampur marah.

Para pejuang Sabilullah sepakat melantik Masmuda sebagai Khalifah perang mengganti Acil di Sungai Manik. Tuan Guru Hj Bakri dan Acil pula akan turun ke Balun Bidai secepat mungkin.

Wafak Selindang Merah dibuat khusus untuk warga di seberang Sungai Perak. Salah seorang tukang tulis kalimah Allahuakbar Selindang Merah bernama Asmuni.

Hj Asmuni, tukang tulis kalimah Allahuakbar di Selendang Merah sedang memegang tongkat peninggalan arwah Tuan Guru Haji Bakri

Pertama kali Masmuda memimpin pejuang Sabilullah di Sungai Manik, ketara benar kehebatannya. Musuh melepaskan tembakan ke atas, peluru berterbangan seperti air hujan menerjah angin kosong (puang). Pada pandangan mereka, para pejuang Sabilullah semuanya tinggi, setinggi pohon getah maka itulah mereka asyik menghalakan tembakan ke atas. Ketika itulah para pejuang Sabilullah menyerbu, menebas, menetak dan memancung musuh. Baru sekejap, bersih (lingai) medan pertempuran.

Namun, antara musuh yang gugur di hujung parang bungkol pejuang Banjar, terdapat ramai yang menyebut kalimah Allah. Setelah diamati ternyata mereka adalah orang Melayu dan Banjar yang sudah terpedaya menyertai perjuangan komunis. Dalam pertempuran sukar untuk mengasingkan antara Banjar, Melayu dan Cina kerana mereka semuanya menyarung pakaian seragam Bintang Tiga.

Para pejuang PKM masih lagi berdegil, tak mengerti makna putus asa. Sambil menanti bantuan dari Sungai Karang seberang Teluk Anson, mereka meneruskan (manyalajurakan)perjuangan.

Mujurlah (madakannya) Allah tidak mengizinkan. Tongkang yang sarat membawa gerombolan PKM karam di tengah Sungai Perak, tak jauh dari Pulau Galagak dekat pelabuhan Teluk Anson.

Melambak gerombolan Cina komunis yang tak pandai berenang (bakunyung) tenggelam batu dan mati lemas. Manakala gerombolan komunis bangsa Melayu dan Banjar yang rata-ratanya pandai berenang terselamat dan sempat berenang ke Pulau Galagak. Kalau tidak, pastinya sesama Islam bakal bertempur di Sungai Manik. Sesungguhnya Allah lagi maha mengetahui.

Berita yang melemahkan perjuangan PKM – ranapnya pejuang mereka di Sungai Manik di tangan warga Banjar di bawah pimpinan Masmuda, panglima Selendang Merah Batu Pahat, Johor.

Dalam pada itu, ramai orang Melayu dan Banjar di Balun Bidai, Kampung Gajah dan kampung-kampung berhampiran memilih untuk lari ke dalam hutan meninggalkan rumah masing-masing kerana komunis semakin mengganas, menembak rumah membabi buta. Mengamuk kononya. Untuk apa melepaskan geram terhadap mereka yang tak tahu menahu!

Lain pula ceritanya dengan kaum Cina yang menghuni kawasan sekitar. Hampir semuanya menyokong perjuangan PKM, dan kerana itulah mereka tidak di ganggu.

Tuan Guru Haji Bakri, Acil dan Emoh selamat menyeberang Sungai Kinta dan sampai di Kampung Changkat, Bayas, Balun Bidai. Sungguh tak disangka rupanya warga Banjar di situ tak juga kurang keberanian mereka.

Acil pula dilantik sebagai Khalifah surau Changkat Bayas, markas pejuang Sabilullah di Balun Bidai. Selendang dan tanjak merah yang dibawa dari Sungai Manik diagih-agihkan sehelai seorang. Pun begitu, sekiranya ada yang memiliki ‘wafak’ sendiri, mereka dibenarkan memakainya. Begitulah cara orang Banjar – walau setinggi mana pun ilmu sendiri, namun ilmu orang lain tetap dihormati. Mencerca (mawada) menghina (mahapak) kebolehan orang lain bukan Banjar namanya.

Siang malam kedengaran bunyi tembakan di pinggir Balun Bidai, entah apa yang mereka tembak tidak pula diketahui. Membunuh dan menyiksa orang, itu sajalah kerja mereka. Setengahnya bertujuan menakutkan – konon komunis masih lagi kuat walaupun sudah tewas di Sungai Manik. Hii, geram betul.

Pada mulanya hampir tujuh puluh orang warga Banjar yang sanggup turut serta sebagai pejuang Sabilullah. Yang penakut (pamburisit) dibenarkan tinggal mengawasi anak isteri mereka yang bakal pergi menyerang markas PKM di tebing Balun Bidai. Tuan Guru Haji Bakri tetap seperti biasa – bersendirian berzikir dan membaca ayat-ayat di surau. Sampai saat dan ketikanya, pergilah para pejuang menuju sarang komunis di tebing Balun Bidai.

Lailahaillallah…Allahuakbar!!!” maka bermulalah perang sabil di daerah Kampung Gajah, Perak.

Khalifah Acil yang masih muda sudah berbulan menentang musuh di Sungai Manik. Boleh dikatakan setiap kali pergi berjuang, darah musuh sampai kering di badan. Medan pertempuran dibuatnya seperti padang permainan. Degil, menari (baigal) menahan tembakan komunis membuat musuh semakin geram. Ditembak tak langsung memberi bekas.

Musuh semakin menghampiri para pejuang Sabilullah.

“Timpasss!!!” (tetak) ujar si Acil berteriak. Apa lagi, parang bungkol terus mandi darah.