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Misteri Land of Punt

Gambar diatas merupakan pondok orang2 Punt . yang diambil dari artikel wikipedia
The Land of Punt, also called Pwenet, or Pwene[1] by the ancient Egyptians, was a trading partner known for producing and exporting gold, aromatic resins, African blackwood, ebony, ivory, slaves and wild animals.[2] Information about Punt has been found in ancient Egyptian records of trade missions to this region.

At times it is synonymous with Ta netjer, the "land of the god".[3]

The exact location of Punt remains a mystery. The mainstream view is that Punt was located to the south-east of Egypt, most likely on the coast of the Horn of Africa. However some scholars point instead to a range of ancient inscriptions which locate Punt in Arabia.

The History of Sumatra by William Marsden

Gambar diatas pula diambil dari buku Marsden, William, 1754-1836 yang bertajuk The History of Sumatra.

Adakah anda nampak persamaannya.

Jadi Land of Punt adalah di nusantara lebih tepat lagi di Sumatra.

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